Feline Friday

This is Boo. She is one of the feral cats that 
was in the extra bedroom. One morning, when 
I opened the door, she ran out. She spent about
10 days under my bed. She has moved to the 
kitchen now and here she is on the cat tree. She actually 
spent the night in the kitchen last night.
I still can't get too close to her, but I am 
managing to slide a dish of food to her. She
will come to eat when I move away from her. 
Needless to say, I am very pleased.
She did something really cute yesterday, she walked
down to the room where she used to be, and meowed at the
two that are still in the room. I would let her back in the room
except she runs from me.
We are so happy to join Sandee over at 
Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.
Everyone have a super Friday.

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