Thankful Thursday

Queen Mom making her self right at 
home on the human's bed.
Momma when she was still outside. She is now
hiding under the bed because of Pumpkin. Pumpkin
has become a brat and is a nusance to everyone and 
he has stomatitis so we have to wait til next week
to have him neutered. 
We are very thankful for all our foods, and the fun
times we have around here. Lots of toys for all of us.
We are also so thankful for all of our blogging buddies. 
P.S. we are all so thankful that Two Two is beginning to walk 
around and at the moment is in the cat tree playing a little bit.
She is still very lame in one front paw but this is such 
a good sign that she wants to do things.
Happy Thursday to all.

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